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We raised $100,000 in 2023 to begin the first phase of the dome car rebuild but need at least $275,000 before major work can begin. A tax-deductible gift can buy a part, sponsor a section, or earn car naming rights.

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Riding Mountain Park
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Restoring the Riding Mountain Park

Named for Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Canada, this unique car will once again offer rail travel at its finest.

A crown jewel of hospitality and vintage charm

From the panoramic glass dome section, observation lounge, custom mural, intimate cocktail lounge, and drawing room suite and bedrooms, Riding Mountain Park was once part of The Canadian, a first-class passenger train that operated between Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

After 20 years in storage outdoors, the 2022 acquisition of the car from the Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road Company was made possible with assistance from a private donor.

Once described as the “feature car” of the passenger train, Riding Mountain Park is destined to become the feature car in excursion service and will be capable of hosting over 45 guests, making it an ideal setting for first-class accommodations, fall color trips, private events, and business retreats.

The inclusion of Riding Mountain Park also means that the linear cultural experience of passenger rail travel during its golden age will be represented in our Great Steel Fleet, which will include historic coaches, a dining car, lounge car, and rear-end observation car.


The restoration of Riding Mountain Park is estimated to cost over $500,000. We anticipate the work to be accomplished with a combination of volunteer help and contractors like AMC Rail.

• Replace all dome windows – $60,000
• Replace all side and end windows – $16,000
• Head End Power Wiring – $30,000
• Electrical Locker Upgrade – $20,000
• Transformers – $5,600
• Two overhead air handlers/evaporators – $32,000
• Two Undercar AC condenser units – $67,000
• Floor Heat – $8,400
• Bar Refrigeration – $10,000
• Water Raising System – $5,000
• Toilets and Holding Tanks – $15,000
• New bathroom – $8,000
• Truck Repairs/Replacement – $15,000
• Brake Upgrades – $6,000
• Generator – $68,000
• Generator Switchgear/Fuel Tank – $18,000
• Window Labor – $19,200
• Labor – $151,200


“Travel, even the luxurious travel of today in the comfort of Canadian Pacific Scenic Domes, is an adventure. Travel, the Canadian Pacific way from tidewater to tidewater across the wide provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, is an adventure in which the traveler of today retraces the trails blazed in a glorious past through the promise of a boundless future.”

Informed by the stainless steel passenger trains entering service in the United States, the Canadian Pacific followed suit in the early 1950s with an order for 173 state-of-the-car cars for its flagship trains, comprising the largest order ever placed with the Budd Company. These cars were so reliable that many are still in daily passenger use today.

Riding Mountain Park was once part of “The Canadian,” a first-class passenger train that operated between Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver and was one of eighteen such Park-series cars.

Deemed surplus by Via Rail Canada, the successor to Canada’s passenger rail service, and later sold into private ownership in 2005, Riding Mountain Park had been in storage for over ten years at the Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road Company in Blissfield, Michigan before it was acquired by the Fort Wayne Railroad. It largely retains its original interior and artwork created by members of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. All Park-series cars were described in 1954 as being the “feature car of each train.” It is one of three such Canadian Pacific dome cars in preservation.

While dome cars were not especially common in the American Midwest, the Riding Mountain Park bears similarity to the Wabash Railroad’s stainless steel “Domeliner” and its lounge class and observation end were popular features on the New York Central’s first-class passenger trains which operated through nearby Waterloo, Indiana and Hillsdale, Michigan.


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The Great Steel Fleet

The Great Steel Fleet

The Great Steel Fleet

The Great Steel Fleet

The Great Steel Fleet